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Gun Mayhem 3

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Gun Mayhem 3 is a creative action packed game which is an updated version of its predecessor’s gun mayhem 1 and 2. It is a fun game to play because of the good graphics with a good three dimensional experience. The game is designed to have 18 characters, a total variety of 29 weapons and it goes up to level 15.

Game Gun Mayhem 3 is made up of 3 modes of play.

• Survival Mode – In this mode the player should kill as many opponents as possible in order to proceed to the next level.

• Campaign Mode – In this mode a player will have to kill as many enemy bosses as possible in the arena. After success in this stage a player will unlock more characters that he can choose to play as.

• Death Match Mode – In this mode a player can customize the game to own preferences, adjust the setting of the game, set roles to characters he chooses to play with and create his own team to play with.

There are two options you can play Gun Mayhem 3. We have single player where you can choose to play the game one person at a time or the two players where the game is played by two players. The quest of the game is to shoot or bomb and kill as many enemies as possible to graduate to the next level. A player must be alert and kill the enemy before they kill him because a player has got only 5 lives. If all the lives are exhausted the game will end. For navigation in the game in either left or right direction the” left” and” right” arrow keys are used. To jump the “up” key is used. To block attacks use the “down” key. The “X” key is used for throwing bombs and “Z” key is used to attack and shoot enemies. The Gun Mayhem 3 is a a good game that can help one relax because this action filled game is a sure way to keep your mind off things as you play it.

Unfortunately for civilization, war is rather usual for our history , with a large number of them being fought to settle numerous clashes in opinions regarding faith, wealth, power, and general territorial dominance. The Second World War,in every possible aspect, can truly be called as one of the foremost represented conflicts throughout the history of humanity. The game is based on real history, as a huge number of events of the battle for aerial dominance occuered over the skies of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Gun Mayhem 3 is an extremely interesting online flash game developed by Silvergames and is dedicated specially for the minds people who love war simulation games. Gun Mayhem 3 tells us about fantastic plot of World War II. If you are keen on war games, you must try you best to defend the Britain in this online game. It is full of new levels , extraordinary opportunities , contains the normal campaign mode and also a multiplayer mode (for multiplayer game lovers). Everything is done to let you face your enemies in the air for one ultimate mission- defend the European Nation in the skies. Let’s talk about the historical events described in game. You are given command power over the 303 Polish Squadron. Simple to use interface and controls, really clever output of veriety historical event will help you understand the terrible situation of that period. Furhermore they can guide you through true story of the Second World War, in particular about what happened in the battle of Great Britain and quench your thirst for knowledge of the history of mankind. Awesome grafics , very interesting and Incredible gameplay will enchant you enough for nonstop play for the rest of you evening. Now let’s talk about how to play this wonderful and very cognitive game. Use the left and right arrows to maneuver your plane upwards and downward in the air. Press the X button to shoot your machine guns, and also the Z button to use the throttle and speed up your craft. The game structure consists principally of campaign mode, during which you need to complete a series of more and more troublesome missions that are comprised of various quantities of manoeuvring, shooting, evading, and repetition. So you can play this attractive game for free at our website. Wish you a nice battle!

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